lunes, junio 27, 2011

favorote room

four room of my apartament

Living room

There is a sofa, a table, a said board, a window and an artificial plant. There are two easy chairs and two pictures.

Bath room

There is a toilet, a sink, a shower and a mirror.


There is a stove, a microwave, a refrigerator, a freezer and a table. There are four chairs and a lot of gabinets.

Dining room

There is a large table, a radio and a showcase. There are six chairs

sábado, mayo 28, 2011


1.        What’s your name?
My name is Valeria Valles

2.       What’s your favorite month of the year and why?
My favorite month of the year is December, because we celebrate Christmas and we spent time together, we prepare special food for the family and we dance and sign gaitas.

3.       What’s your favorite day of the week? Why?
My favorite day of the week is Thursday because it makes me know that Friday is close and on TV the programs are the most interesting.

4.       What’s your favorite day of the year?
It’s innocent’s day

5.       What do you eat or drink on that day?
I eat on that day pabellon and pineapple juice.

6.       What do you do or where do you go?
I make people cry

7.       When’s your birthday?
It’s on March 23th

8.       When were you born?
I was born on March 23th 1995

9.       How old are you?
I’m sixteen years old

10.   Who is your favorite actor and your singer?
My favorite actor is Mauricio Ochmman and my favorite singer is Rihanna

11.   What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is green but also I like yellow color, brown color and white color.

12.   What’s your prefer gift?
I could be a ring or maybe an special dinner.